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Sompo Japan is a company that leaks personal information!!

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc. Personal Information (Name of Insured Person, Name of Insured Person, Address of Insured Person Bank Account Number, Securities Number, Unrelated Benefit Amount, Family Membership of Insured Personnel, Name of Employee Personnel Name, Employee The name of the person who made the document, the name of the employee approver, the number of the creation terminal etc.) is a company that leaks an internal document altogether. Sompo Japan announced through a lawyer that the personal information of the victims can be legally and freely used without permission in case of subrogation. Regarding leakage, it has already been certified in the Tokyo District Court, but despite having pointed out over and over again, in the audit report at the two general meetings, it is not stated and a false report is made I cheated insured and shareholders. These are totally unacceptable acts, and on this site Japan domestically publishes to the world wider than basics, and strongly requests reflection. This site was created for this purpose.                                                     

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